What really matters to you?

This question can help us find clarity in our hectic, over-stimulated lives. And while I’m sure answers would vary because of many things, it urges us to think about our priorities and values. When we live our lives in tune with what’s important to us, we feel calmer, centered, fulfilled and happier. And who doesn’t want to live this way?

So, what are your priorities? What do you value? Is it your health, career, family, fortune? It’s different for everyone and equally as important to each!

For me, it’s my health and well being of my family. I focus time and energy on these priorities, and my actions are aligned with them. Spending quality time with my family is so important and living a healthy life with regular exercise and eating healthy foods is vital! Oh, and I love my wine!

What else matters to me? Getting my book done. It’s hard to make the time to write; but, if I want to do this, I need be organized and motivated! This means scheduling writing time on my calendar as a “to do task” so that I am accountable, or it will never happen!

So . . . what’s important to you? I’d love to know! Please share your ideas and goals as well as the actions and strategies you’re taking to keep your life consistent and aligned with what matters.

Melissa Garson