Nature Can Make You Healthy!


Go hug a tree! Stop and smell the flowers! Take a walk in the woods! These aren’t just cliché suggestions. We all need to spend more time in nature. Studies have found that people who live in urban environments are more likely to experience anxiety and depression. The same goes for those who work indoors all day in front of computers and under fluorescent lights. But spending just 30 minutes in nature is incredibly beneficial for your physical and emotional health.

Scientists say that people who spend time in a natural setting are less likely to ruminate and are less anxious. Nature is stress reducingbecause it is undemanding. Think about how effortless it is to appreciate the beauty of a tree compared with the demands of constant emails and endless chores.

Recent research from Japan that involved comparing adults who spent time in forest settings vs. city environments found that those who spent time in the woods had lower levels of cortisol, slower heart rates, lower blood pressure, and less stress.

It is also believed that the air near moving water, forests, and mountains contains high levels of negative ions which are believed to reduce depressive symptoms.

So, it’s a no brainer! Nature gives us a break from concentrating. When you calm your mind, you can experience much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

Technique of the week: Go outside! Have lunch in a park, plan a weekend hike, take a walk in the woods. And know that being a nature lover will keep you healthy and happy!

Melissa Garson