Take Back Your Time


Your cell is ringing or buzzing with a text, email, Instagram post, or FB message . . .

Do you respond instantly? Most people do. In our tech-all-the-time world, we have knee-jerk reactions to being in constant contact and have become slaves to immediate responses.  

BUT . . . the truth is, just because people can get in touch with you 24/7 doesn’t mean you are obliged to answer right away, especially if you are in the middle of doing something. You don't have to answer the phone just because it rings. You can ignore the internal pressure to respond to that email or text the minute you get it. Continue doing what you’re doing—even if you’re just relaxing—until you want to respond! This is a very freeing life practice.

I continually remind myself that I have a choice whether to answer now or later. I think about it—and decide if it’s convenient. It sounds easy, but it’s not. We’re so used to operating on automatic pilot that we’ve stopped prioritizing our personal time. We’ve lost the ability to recognize that this nonstop disruption of our lives is stressing us out.  

Technique of the week: When your phone alerts you to a call, text or email, STOP! Consider whether you want to answer it right then or wait for a time that works better for you. You’ll know when you see who’s trying to get in touch with you whether it’s important or not. Stop being so available to others all the time and your free time will be so much more enjoyable!

Melissa Garson