Live Purposely


Think about your life. I’m sure you keep yourself busy, but does your life feel meaningful? Whether it’s going to work, raising your kids (no easy job), playing canasta or tennis—do you feel your life has purpose? 

To live a meaningful and fulfilling life, identify what matters most to you in this world and consciously engage in it. I was speaking with a woman the other day who is so fed up with our government that she created a group to do something about it. Don’t just stand on the sideline- be proactive. Whether your passion is animal rescue, ending child abuse, beautifying the neighborhood, or simply spreading love and positivity, find a way to do it!

Sometimes the answer isn’t starting a movement or devoting time to a cause. It may be that the things you already do are meaningful, but you just aren’t valuing them enough. It’s crucial to be present with your experiences if you want to find meaning in them. Give 100% of yourself! 

Technique of the week: Find a way to add a little more meaning to your everyday existence, whether it’s by connecting with others, volunteering, mentoring, or offering to help someone. Make sure your effort is consistent, not just a one-time thing. You’ll add depth to your life that you never thought possible—just by sharing YOU with others—and the result will be living a life you can be proud of. 







Melissa Garson