Get Motivated!


Since it’s #motivationalmonday I was thinking, “why not talk about motivation?” It’s the time of year when so many of us just feel meh—it’s winter, the days are short, a lot of us are dealing with really cold and nasty weather, everything feels like an effort, and it’s hard to get excited to do much of anything.
It’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-criticizing when you don’t feel productive. But constantly feeling bad about procrastinating and not getting everything done (or anything done) creates a toxic cycle of low motivation—and you end up feeling worse. 
Since you’ll never feel energized by being tough on yourself, start by allowing yourself to feel blue—it’s perfectly normal! Everyone has days when they feel like nothing can stop them, and other days when they feel bored, frustrated or sad. Simply recognizing that those negative thoughts are common and temporary is a good first step toward feeling better. 
Other ways to motivate yourself when you’re down? Spend time with positive people, break your routine (being in a rut is monotonous and depressing), and get moving! Go to the gym, go for a walk, or just dance around in your house to energizing music.
Technique of the week: Once you've moved and physically shifted your energy, put aside your whole to-do list and just do ONE thing. That will start the ball rolling—you’ll feel happier and a little more accomplished after you complete that one task! 

Linda Fears