Talk It Out

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We all have situations at times that are so upsetting we literally feel weighed down. Don’t try to deal with it alone! When you keep things to yourself, problems can seem so much more overwhelming than they actually are.

There is tremendous relief in talking to someone who has a non-judgmental ear, whether that person is a therapist, a coach or a friend. The person you share your situation with can just be a sounding board for you to hear yourself out loud.

The key is to be completely honest. What’s on your mind? Don’t hold back! Tell your “talk buddy” whatever is bothering you or keeping you from feeling calm and happy. Trust that often simply vocalizing your problems and “hearing yourself” can help you gain a sense of clarity.

Technique of the week:  Identify a non-judgmental “talk buddy”– you may have to try a few before finding a great match. Tell that person in advance that you don’t expect a solution, but you just want to talk it through. See how you feel as you tell your story. Notice if you experience a different perspective or if you’re repeating the same old woes. Make it a practice to schedule talk-it-out time each week with someone who has your back and see how much lighter you feel!

P.S. If you and your buddy choose—you can be the listener at another time :)


Melissa Garson