Getting Older is a Privilege


Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of people are complaining about aches and pains, sore knees and elbows, new wrinkles, less-than-ideal eyesight. . . and I can totally relate. While mentally I feel like I’m 35—my body and my vision remind me that I am not!

But I don’t dwell on the parts of me that aren’t perfect, and you shouldn’t either. Putting yourself down will make you feel worse. Remember, getting older is not a given! We must be grateful for what we have in all areas of our lives. Living with positivity shows on your face and in your energy, no matter what age you are.

In addition to taking advantage of every minute of every day, focus on living well: eat nutritious foods, exercise, have fun! Read good books and pay attention to current events to keep your mind sharp. Most importantly, surround yourself with people you love who love you back!   

Technique of the week: Be aware of when you are about to say or think something negative about yourself—and STOP! Make a mental list of your excellent qualities—your beautiful eyes, your cooking skills, being a fabulous friend. It doesn’t matter if you have a few more lines on your face or you need your cellphone flashlight to read the restaurant menu because getting older is inevitable, but living old is optional!

Linda Fears