What are you waiting for?


One of the ways that I've learned to live life more fully is by living with a sense of purpose: helping others in any way I can, creating and fostering meaningful relationships, and most importantly, taking responsibility for my own happiness. 
After all, we only live once and our lives could change any day, at any moment, for any reason. Keeping this in mind motivates me to embrace and appreciate EVERYTHING that much more. 
Daily stresses and time pressure often cause us to go into automatic pilot and ignore small pleasures such as savoring meals, enjoying a walk outside, or relishing a quiet evening at home.  What most of us tend to do instead is motor through our lives, thinking we can put off joy and passion for another day. We assume there will be plenty of time in the future to enjoy the best of life. But...what if there isn't???
Technique of the week: Life is short—and unpredictable—so ask yourself how would you live your last day, your last week, your last year? Of all of the things you want to do while you're still able to, which ones haven't you done yet? What are you waiting for? Enjoy your NOW—and choose one thing on your list to accomplish in the next month!

Linda Fears