Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm!


I recently went to a yoga class taught by one of my favorite instructors (the fabulous Jackie Simon). It was the first class she taught since her hip replacement 11 weeks ago.

 Jackie told us all how incredibly well she healed and how great she felt (her injured hip had nothing to do with her yoga practice). She credited enthusiasm as the reason—her enthusiasm for her yoga practice gave her the strength and the motivation to get better fast!

 People often call me enthusiastic. I take it as a compliment—I could definitely be called worse things! I do believe my enthusiasm (eagerness, interest and passion) has propelled me to achieve my goals and has helped me withstand some very difficult times in my life as well.

 Jackie mentioned that the origin of the word enthusiasm is actually Greek; enthousiasmos, from enthous ‘possessed by a god, inspired’ (based on theos ‘god’). There’s a lot of power in that word!

 Technique of the week: Think about something you’re passionate about and allow enthusiasm to guide you toward focusing on that passion. If you aren’t sure what’s most important to you, just pay attention to things that make you feel ALIVE! It may be hiking, listening to music, relaxing at the beach, journaling…whatever it is, bring your enthusiasm to it. And keep in mind that enthusiasm builds—and it will be there to help you when the sh-t hits the fan!

Linda Fears