Be Flexible and Trust Yourself

I recently had the privilege of speaking to a wonderful group of women (and “Just Jack”) at a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico. I had my talk planned – activity and all. When the time came and I was about to begin, I could see that everyone was physically and emotionally spent. It was the last day of the retreat. I felt in my heart that a different kind of talk would be better.

I trusted my instinct and completely revamped it on the spot. Never in a million years would I have thought I had the confidence to do that. I went out on a limb and was true to myself. As a result of being flexible, the talk was a great success.

Life doesn’t always happen as we plan. Learn to be open and flexible. Use your gut if you feel something different is needed. When you practice trusting your instinct, your intuition muscle gets stronger. You will become a more confident you!