Don’t Dress in Stress

The stress we experience often finds a way into our body. Sometimes we don’t even realize that our pain can be directly related to the upset or anxiety we feel.

We may not even consider that our shoulder pain, sore jaw or tight chest sensations are stress related because we are so disconnected from our bodies.

When we are stressed, our body releases stress hormones, which cause muscles to contract and tighten. This is actually a form of protection because when muscles are tight, the body is more resilient to fight back if danger occurs.

The good news is that you can give yourself some relief by creating greater body awareness and acceptance.

Practice the BBS (Breath, Body, Sound) method. Become aware of your breathing as it is. Feel the sensations in your body as they are. Listen to the sounds around you. Don’t judge any of it.

This will instantly bring you into the present moment, release some of your tension, and give YOU power over your stress.