Refresh and Refuel

A healthy work-life balance is difficult to achieve. Very often we end up working beyond the hours of 9-5. We’re constantly on the go, sending emails while juggling dozens of other tasks. Being on overdrive causes anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

Research suggests that we can relieve tension and boost productivity by taking short breaks throughout the day. Although longer breaks like vacations and weekends are more effective for recuperating, we can still engage in stress reduction on a day-to-day basis.

Taking short breaks at work will allow you to stay more energized throughout the day. Make sure you take time for at least a quick lunch break and consciously use it as a time to refresh and refuel.  It can be as easy as going outside and appreciating a change of scenery.

Make sure to incorporate micro-breaks into your day. Self care is imperative to your happiness and everything you do!