In The Moment Of Choice

What do you do in the moment of choice? You know you want to get that project going or get those resumes out or clean out your living space- whatever it is- but,what do you do? Do you rollover and go back for a little more sleep? Do you go return that broken hairdryer – pick up your car from the shop?

We are all faced with choices every minute of the day. The big question is what do we choose? All of those possibilities were choices of mine this morning. I am really yearning to finish my book- that I started writing over a year ago. But…. everything (all of my other choices) seem to have “gotten in the way”. No- I let them- I made other choices.

So – I say to you today- what do you do in the moment of choice? I decided to write this instead of going back to sleep, or picking up my car, or returning that broken hairdryer. I will put this in the book and feel good about the choice I made in this moment.

Melissa Garson