Quieting The Inner Critic

Wow! These silent retreats keep getting better. Either it’s them or it’s me. My inner critic has really shut herself up since I have been using my 6 habits and have more retreat experience!

This last one was the most loving and nurturing of all. This is the way that I will teach mindfulness- with love and kindness. It doesn’t have to be so hard.

We meditated many hours each day (not all at once of course) and the instructions made it even clearer than before…. no goal, no destination, and if you find yourself starting to hop on that “thought-train” – just label it – planning, worrying, second-guessing, whatever it is. We all do it!!!

My BBS method has helped me keep coming back to the present moment. What a gift it is! Stay tuned for more…..

Melissa Garson