A Path to Peace


Years ago, someone told me what I refer to as “The Sherpa Story” and it’s a story I’ve been telling others ever since. As the story goes, Buddha was about to embark on his journey and he selected the most annoying Sherpa to carry his belongings for him. When people asked why, Buddha replied, “He is my practice.” What he meant was that having this irritating person with him for a long period of time would enable him to strengthen his practice of tolerance and encourage him to come back to the moment and enjoy the journey.

I think about this story. When I’m faced with annoying situations, I say to myself, “this is my Sherpa.” For example, I wake up at 7:30 am every morning whether I want to or not to the incredibly loud banging and drilling noise of a building being constructed next door. At first, I was furious—as anyone would be, but I use my “this is my Sherpa” mantra and now I’m able to find a sense of peace despite the noise. 

Technique of the week: The next time you’re confronted with a problem, rather than reacting with anger, blame or sadness, practice thinking, “this is my Sherpa.” Look at the issue as an opportunity to practice positively dealing with a situation you can’t control. Try to avoid the negativity and instead cultivate compassion toward yourself and others!


Melissa Garson