In The Moment


I just got back from another amazing yoga retreat, this time in Morocco—which was incredible.  It was a bit different from past retreats because when we weren’t perfecting our yoga practice we were on the go, seeing and learning so much about this beautiful North African country. 
We stayed in Marrakesh, an incredible city that is hard to describe—being there was like sensory overload. The colors, smells, tastes, kindness of people, and difference in culture was really quite unusual and amazing to me. I found myself really engaged in all of the above, so absorbed in fact that I didn’t even think about checking my emails or posting on Instagram. I’m thrilled that my Insta has nearly16k followers and I’m grateful that that so many people like my work. Many friends and clients knew I was away and were texting me wondering why I wasn’t posting about my trip. I guess I just really wanted to be present to what I was experiencing!
I took a lot of great photos and I promise I will share some of them now that I’m back home…but I’m happy that I fully immersed myself in both sightseeing and yoga; I made a point to be mindful while away, a good practice wherever you happen to be. these days we are all so focused on documenting our lives that we are not really livingthem! 
Technique of the Week: STOP! Smell the spices. Take a moment to use your senses wherever you are, engage with the people you are with, or just look up at the sky. Get out of your phone and into your experience!!!

Melissa Garson