Timing Is Everything


I’ve always considered myself to be an open skeptic, an “I’ll believe it when I see it” sort of person. However, I’ve come to realize that when we resist those limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, and trust that everything will happen when it should, good things do happen! It’s called divine timing—and I am ALL IN!

When we trust that things happen at their proper time—we notice that they do. I had a client who really wanted to meet some new, more positive friends but told me she was too shy to approach people. I advised her to keep her eyes and her heart open to feeling the energy of the people around her at work, at her yoga class even at her kids’ school—and reminded her to be patient because timing is everything. 

A few weeks later she couldn't wait to tell me that someone in her yoga class asked to meet her for coffee after class one day. Then she reached out to an office colleague to have lunch. She now has two new friends! 

Technique of the week:Open up and believe in divine timing. Trust that although you may want something to happen immediately, the timing may not be right. Notice when good things do happen and appreciate the perfect timing of them. The more you are open to believe this is so, the more it happens! 


Melissa Garson