You Just Gotta Talk


There’s nothing like meeting someone new and discovering you have something in common! We’re all hardwired to seek out and create connections with each other. In fact, there’s a fascinating field of study called the psychology of connection which proves that the deeper and more numerous the bonds you have with others, the happier you will be. 

The truth is, we needeach other! People who have a high sense of connectedness with others—whether it’s with family, friends or a social group—not only feel a genuine sense of belonging, but positively impact other people’s lives as well as enrich their own. You never know what will come from a conversation! The benefits from having deep, meaningful conversations can be life changing.

Technique of the week: Be friendlier! Break out of your shell a little bit and say hello to a stranger. Try to avoid small talk and have a more significant talk, during which you make it clear that you value what they have to say. Really pay attention the other person—active listening sends a message that you care about them. Creating connections can brighten your day, bring joy to someone else’s day—and maybe even be the start of a new friendship! 

For more advice and ideas on how to connect with others and improve relationships, check out my book, The Recipe for Real Happiness: Four Simple Ingredients available on Amazon. 



Melissa Garson