Get Moving

Research shows that what makes people stick to their exercise plan is feeling satisfied by the actual workout. Just because your friends may love running, spinning or yoga—you may not. Take some time to discover what you like!

It’s about 6 weeks into 2018 and many of us are struggling to stick to our New Year’s fitness resolutions. Whether you planned to squeeze more exercise into your schedule or vowed to (finally!) start working out, it’s not too late to get moving—let Olympic fever be your motivation!

Once you find something that inspires you even a little—try doing that workout more mindfully. People who pay close attention to the feeling of moving their bodies and the specifics of their surroundings during exercise often want to exercise again. These tips from The Chopra Center can help you get started:

Remember, you don't have to be the best yogi in the class. I am surely not! Don’t let fear hold you back. You just have to figure out what works for you and do it!

This Week’s Technique: Begin taking care of your body again. Either boost the intensity of your workout or bring one back into existence. Whatever you do—do it with greater awareness. Aside from the physical and mental benefits, you may even enjoy it!

Melissa Garson