Find Your Happy

I am beyond grateful to have just experienced an incredible four-day retreat at Miraval in Tucson. From hiking in the Santa Catalina Mountains to energizing yoga sessions to the mind-body-spirit spa treatments, it was truly an amazing, rejuvenating time. I met a lot of great people there as well, and the one thing many of them said to me was, "You're 56? No way! What do you do?"

It was certainly flattering, but my secret may be surprising. While I do take very good care of my skin, exercise regularly, eat well, and enjoy myself pretty much wherever I am, the real reason my looks defy my age is because I live in a happy state of mind. 

Don't get me wrong: I have problems, challenges and upsets just like everyone else. The difference is: I refuse to allow myself to linger there. I have learned mental tools that help me live a more balanced, serene, clear-headed way of life. You can too! 

Technique of the Week: Notice when you are feeling upset, angry, or frustrated. Ask yourself what specifically happened that made you feel that way. Pay attention to where in your body you are experiencing negative feelings. Now practice tolerating the discomfort—don't push it away! It's only when you become more aware of your emotions and accept those feelings that you can make the best choice about how to respond. Replace negative thoughts with ones that are more productive—they can be very positive or merely realistic. Either way, the goal is to let go of the thoughts that are holding you back and controlling your behavior. You will feel lighter—and on your way to a stronger, happier state of mind!

Melissa Garson