A Happy Balance

Do you find yourself often settling for less than what you truly want? Or, are you someone who always strives for perfection?

Either way, you may end up feeling angry, anxious and even depressed. You're not alone — many people tend to lean one way or the other.

The problem is that setting the bar too high or too low can lead to an unhappy place. When things aren't always perfect (and really, are they ever?) the result can be very upsetting. Accepting less than what you really want can be equally detrimental. Perfectionism can lead to emotional paralysis and settling can lead to tremendous disappointment.

This week's technique: Become aware and ask yourself which way you're leaning — too perfect or too passive? Once you identify the side you gravitate toward, make it a practice to often notice where you are and consciously come back to center to find a happy balance!

Melissa Garson