Dealing with Difficult People

Melissa Garson MgMelissaGarson - Life Coach NYC

If you think about it, it’s usually the same people in your life who continually cause you grief. You can pretty much expect that when you have to deal with them, they will behave in a difficult, annoying or exasperating way and you'll end up feeling aggravated, angry and upset. 

Unfortunately, difficult people are everywhere and sometimes unavoidable. They can be your boss, coworker, neighbor, relative or even your child. Instead of stressing out about the uncomfortable interaction, consider how best to handle them. This puts you in control of the situation. You can’t control them, but you can control your reaction to them. 

Always be respectful, but also be prepared when dealing with people you know are potentially difficult. Don’t compromise your principles to diffuse a potential blow up. You can keep your own well-being and inner peace intact. 

This week’s technique: Prepare yourself before encountering that difficult person by taking a deep breath and saying to yourself, “Here we go again!” Think of it as finding the humor in someone else’s ridiculousness. 

Deep breathing has the remarkable effect of both calming you down and creating a protective boundary between you and a stressful situation. For more on the benefits, check out


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