Celebrate—and Show Up!

Melissa Garson Motivational Monday #100

Happy 100th Motivational Monday! It’s hard to believe that I have been doing these posts for 100 weeks and have never missed one! I want to thank you ALL for being such loyal readers. Your comments continually inspire me to inspire you.

This week is all about SHOWING UP! What I mean by that is both the obvious—your presence, your attention, getting stuff done—and the less obvious—your accountability, making others feel valued, bringing sincerity and energy to everything you do. 

My “showing up” for the responsibility (which I take very seriously) of posting weekly techniques for you to strengthen your resilience, joy and inner peace has given me a tremendous amount of extra positivity in my life. 

I work regularly with clients to teach them the practice of showing up. That could mean anything from eating healthier to keeping plans with a friend to finishing a project. Showing up is all about being conscious of what you commit to—and then following through! You’ll be amazed at the enormous power that becoming a person of your word can offer you! 

This week’s technique: Show up! Be a person of integrity and intention. Honor your commitments. If you say you are going to do something, DO IT! At the end of the day ask yourself, “did I accomplish what I committed to?”

P.S. To celebrate 100 Motivational Mondays, I’m doing a giveaway! Please email me one Motivational Monday that really inspired you and tell me how you use it in your life. If you are one of 10 randomly selected winners, you’ll receive a free copy of my new book (due in April) The Recipe for Real Happiness.

Melissa Garson