Stress Less


April happens to be Stress Awareness Month even though, let’s face it, we all experience stress of some sort every month! Rushing in a panic because you’re late, arguing with a relative/spouse/kid, worrying about money, or just feeling pressure to manage daily life can cause anxiety pretty much all year long. Too much stress too often can also make you ill .

But stress can be managed if handled the right way. It’s how we deal with it that separates people who are paralyzed by stress from those who are able to roll with it and keep negativity at bay. 

You’ve heard all the usual tips a million times—breathe more, sleep more, exercise more, and they are all effective—but the real trick to keeping calm when feeling frantic is becoming aware of when you're stressed. It sounds simple but getting into the habit of really noticing when that overwhelming pressure builds will help you handle it more successfully.     

Technique of the week: Shift your perspective. Don’t focus on the enormity of what’s upsetting you—look at what you need to do right now. And then move on to the next thing. When you’re able to prioritize your challenges and deal with them one at a time with strength and perseverance, you'll gain a sense of competence and strength—plus you'll feel so much better! 


Melissa Garson