Who's in Your Kula?


My amazing yoga teacher called our group a kula—a Sanskrit word meaning community, clan or tribe. Think about who’s in your kula? If you don’t have one—make it a priority to join one or create one!

Research has proven that one of the most powerful ways to increase your sense of fulfillment and happiness is to be part of a community. Belonging is also a state of mind. If you feel like an outsider in a group situation, chances are you’ll act like one. 

Instead, be the kind of person you would want to be around. It goes without saying that it’s best to appreciate all sorts of people, but when it comes to your free time, spend it with those who are like-minded and have your back. Consider a group that has similar goals or interests, or one in which everyone just has kind hearts. 

Technique of the week: If you already have a kula—deepen those relationships by getting to know some of the people in it a little better. If you don’t currently participate in a group of some sort, make a list of possibilities. Join a fitness studio, sign up for that photography class, or volunteer for a cause that’s meaningful to you. The benefits of being an active part of a community with a shared sense of purpose will be life

Melissa Garson