Be A More Conscious Eater


Spring is finally here—and not to send you into panic mode, but you know what comes next...

Bathing suits! If you’ve been promising yourself to lose a few pounds, now’s a good time to not only take your fitness routine more seriously, but also to think about what you’re putting into your body. We all know that when you look good, you feel good!

Conscious eating involves advance planning. Think about the healthy foods you like. Decide what you want to cook or have available during the week. Make a list before shopping and stick to it! You’ll be far less likely to toss junk in your cart or rely on fast food when you’re famished.
This week’s technique: Vow to be a conscious eater. Plan your meals ahead. Shop for healthy food. Eat slowly and thoughtfully—not on the fly—and really enjoy what you're eating!
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Melissa Garson