A Healthier State Of Mind

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May is Mental Health Month—but, really, shouldn't every day be mental health day?

We try to do so much for our physical health—eat well, exercise, go to the doctor. But… what about taking care of your mental health? Too often people just wing it through life, dealing with crisis after crisis, going from one drama to the next.

What if you took charge of your own state of mind instead of leaving it to chance and being at   the mercy of other people—and the world around you? Think about how you want to feel. Strong? Independent? Less controlling? Less anxious? Less easily agitated? More proactive?

Whatever you choose to focus on, know that we are all unique, and your idea of a more balanced life may look different from your friend’s. But one thing is for sure—you need to make specific choices to support the way you want your life to be.

This week’s technique: Create a “Wellness Journal.” Write down three or four adjectives describing the kind of person you want to be. For example, mine are: honest, loving, healthy and fun. Then write a sentence about how you will support your word: Honest—I will continue to share what is in my heart in a loving way; Loving—I will listen more deeply when people are talking to me; Healthy—I will make sure to keep drinking water ALL day; Fun—I will make sure to do something I enjoy every day!  

For more ways on how I can help you live a healthier, happier life send me an email at Melissa@melissagarson.com


Melissa Garson