Believe in Happiness


In order for the good to happen in your life, you must truly believe that it is possible. If you’ve allowed yourself to become a “victim” of circumstances, the one who suffers the most is YOU! The people closest to you—your significant other, your children, your friends and your co-workers suffer as well—but you are the one who really bears the brunt of your victim story.

Everyone has a past. We’ve all had to deal with bad situations, difficult people, and hardships of one kind or another, but allowing any of them to take up precious real estate in your mind and heart ultimately prevents you from living your best life. If you want your life to improve, stop dwelling on negatives from your past. You need to take responsibility for your own happiness and start believing in the power of positivity.

Technique of the Week: Be honest: What’s the story you are telling yourself about your life? If it’s a negative story, change the narrative. You can either continue to feel sorry for yourself and blame other people or past events for feeling stuck or unhappy—or be proactive in your well-being. The first step towards any kind of positive change is awareness!

Melissa Garson