Ready For A Change?


Sometimes we purposefully make a change and other times it is not our choice, but the way we view it —and how we handle it—is definitely in our control.
Fear of change is common. No one likes feeling unsettled. We worry that a change could result in a worse situation, be embarrassing, or be perceived as a failure. However, conquering your fears and adapting to new situations are essential to happiness and success.
We all need to be prepared for change in every aspect of our lives, and to keep in mind that when one door closes, another opens.
Technique of the week: Look at any change you are experiencing in three ways:
1) Think about what you can be grateful for—are there any potential positive outcomes?
 2) Accept that things are the way they are—and remember, there are people who have it worse than you do (this is called downward comparison).
3) Control what you can. If you have to move, make your new place as comfortable and beautiful as possible. If you’re going through a divorce, spend more time with friends or find opportunities to make new friends.
Change happens. Take charge of whatever you can—and let go of the rest!

Melissa Garson