Choose Happiness


Do you have a mindset of positivity and abundance—or negativity and scarcity? These are very interesting character traits to notice. I have worked with many clients who have a “lack” mentality. This limits their ability to learn, attract more of what they actually want in their lives, and feel more fulfilled and happier. They say things like, “There are no good guys out there,” or “I’ll never find a better job,” or “Everyone but me seems to be having a fabulous summer.”
Pay attention to your general attitude. If you realize you have a scarcity mindset—guess what?  You aren’t destined to a disappointed, full-of-complaints, glass-half-empty view of the world. You can choose to change. Awareness is the critical first step!
Technique of the week: Notice the nature of your thoughts and how you speak to others. If you tend to express negativity, resentfulness, competitiveness or fear, say to yourself, “Whoa—I am NOT going there! I have the power to think differently about this and I’m going to shift my attitude.” You can change your life simply by changing your mind!

Melissa Garson