The Recipe for Real Happiness


I am beyond excited to let you know that my book The Recipe for Real Happiness—Four Simple Ingredients (Positive Purpose Publishing) is now available on Amazon. This book was such a labor of love. It went through many transformations until I was confident that reading it would help everyoneexperience more happiness and a greater sense of inner peace!
I never considered myself a good writer, I just always felt a deep passion for sharing (be it knowledge, love, a great new lipstick) with others. I’m so proud of this book because it is a quick, easy read that provides valuable, practical ways to incorporate scientifically-proven practices and strategies for living with more love, gratitude and mindfulness into your everyday life.
The practices are short—similar to my Motivational Mondays. You may want to read the entire book and then go back and begin doing specific practices, or you can open to any page and do that practice for the day.
Technique of the Week: If you want to experience more joy, have a more positive attitude and feel genuine excitement about your life, I recommend reading my book (and I’d love a review on Amazon!) Publishing a book that I truly believe will help people is one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my life—it’s something I dreamed of but never thought I’d do! Think about something that you’ve always wanted to do—and get to it! I can help you! Nothing is impossible. Believe me if I can put myself out there like this, you can too!

Melissa Garson