Just Be Yourself


We hear the word authentic a lot these days, so often that its meaning has become a little diluted. But the fact is, being authentic is truly the magic potion. When you are who you are, you live with a greater sense of inner peace and happiness—and you attract people who are honest, open and real, too.
I’ve had many clients who feel a bit lost or empty inside. They tell me about situations when they’ve altered their personalities to be liked or to fit in, because they worried that they weren’t good enough—and were afraid of being alienated or judged. Although it’s natural to try to adapt to situations, it is SO important not to lose yourself in the process. Every time you speak or act in a way that is untrue to who you really are, you bury a little part of yourself. 
Honestly, I’ve never met anyone who regrets making choices that reflect his or her values and beliefs.

Technique of the week: Practice being brave enough to express the real you. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Whether it’s wearing what you really want to wear (not what you think you should), saying no to a social event that you don’t want to attend, or expressing an opinion that may be different from everyone else’s. Start little by little—and you’ll own your power more every day!

Melissa Garson