Improve Your Willpower


The human brain is approximately 2% of our body weight but requires 20% of our energy supply. Unfortunately, many of us waste too much time on things that deplete energy (i.e. hours on social media and surfing the internet)—which leaves less brain power for when we need it the most—utilizing self-control.

Psychology professor and best-selling author Roy Baumeister has called willpower the greatest human strength—and describes it as the energy people use for self-control and decision making. He explains that when our energy is low, we tend to procrastinate, be impulsive, make mistakes, and avoid making decisions. On the other hand, people who have greater self-control tend to be happier and healthier; they have the energy to fuel the willpower needed to stick to healthy habits (such as exercising, eating well, managing finances) and the inner strength to resist temptation.

Technique of the Week:  Start strengthening your willpower by making small changes, such as improving your posture, making your bed every morning, or avoiding bad language. Once you’ve conquered minor bad habits, you can work toward more difficult self-control challenges, such as starting a fitness routine, sticking to a diet, or quitting smoking. Willpower can be learned little by little, and lead to a happier life!

Melissa Garson