The Power Of Naps


I was on vacation last week and did what I usually do when I’m away—I took daily power naps! In the late afternoons I’d lie down and either read or just close my eyes and sleep for 15-30 minutes. I woke up naturally (it was as if my body knew it was meant to be a quick nap) and I felt amazing! So great, that I’ve decided not to save them for vacations only. 
One of my New Year’s resolutions is to continue taking power naps whenever I feel like I need some down time. Not only is it a luxurious transition from day to night, it happens to be one of the healthiest habits you can have.

Napping boosts productivity and alertness, improves memory and learning, promotes heart health, relieves stress, strengthens your immune system and even elevates your mood!
In fact, many companies are realizing how beneficial power naps can be for their employees. Google is even installing specially-designed sleeping pods for their employees.
Technique of the week: Introduce a little down time into your day—even if it’s just for a few minutes. With all the daily distractions we have (more and more all the time!) our minds need a rest. So relax, let go of any napping-guilt you may have, and ENJOY. Happy New You!!!

Melissa Garson