Let The Music Move You


More than any other art form, music has the power to give our emotions an instant lift. You know that feeling when a song makes you smile—or want to get up and dance? Believe it or not, it goes even deeper than that. Thoughtfully selected music is an incredible way to not only control your emotions, but to help you handle stress, deal with pain, function at work, and much more

According to Adam Sankowski, a music therapist at Massachusetts General Hospital, “Our brains and bodies are hardwired for music. This is something neurological research has increasingly supported. Through brain-scanning technology, researchers can now clearly see multiple parts of the brain light up when someone listens to music.”

I know that when I’m feeling a little blue, one of the first things I do is put on a favorite, uplifting song. If I really want a mood boost, I dance! And if possible, I put on my earphones, go outside and bop down the street (I’m not kidding, I do that)! 

Take control of your mood: Choose music that suits the frame of mind you want to have, not necessarily the mood you are in. Some songs cheer us up or encourage us to work out harder, others make us feel romantic or are simply relaxing. With this in mind, I wanted to share a few of my favorite songs with you: 

Wake-up song: Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Workout (or dance) song: Love on Top by Beyoncé

Relaxing: Sunday Morning by Maroon Five

Bedtime song: If We Want To by M.I.L.K

Background music while I work: Anything classical 

Technique of the week: Find a way to include more music in your life—though your laptop, smartphone or Bluetooth speaker. Pandora and Spotify offer many different mood playlists. Or you can make your own. Either way-—take charge of your mood and play music that puts you in the mood you CHOOSE to be in!!!

Melissa Garson