Moods Change


Did you wake up crabby this morning and have no idea why? It’s perfectly normal to feel positive and strong some days, and angry or a little lost on others. Seriously, we all do. No one is happy and energetic all the time!

It’s important to remember that ups and downs are not always related to problems. Every day has its good moments and unavoidable glitches, but we often only notice the negative. Keep in mind that the only constant is change, so it’s best to embrace all of our feelings and know that neither the excitement and joy or the sadness and pain will last forever. That’s because we are human.

The most likely causes of a bad mood? Lack of sleep, low blood sugar, not enough exercise, stress, and worrying about others. It also could be none of the above. It’s best not to overanalyze why you’re cranky, it can sometimes make you feel worse.

Technique of the week: Notice when you are feeling up. Enjoy the joy and know your mood will change—not necessarily in a bad way, just different. Remember that when you’re feeling a little low, that won’t last either!!!


Linda Fears