Cozy Up To Fall


Other than a few people who hate hot weather, most people are pretty sad that summer is over. . .but I’m not! Don’t get me wrong—no one loves summer more than I do, but since it’s out of my control I’ve learned to look at the change of seasons as a new opportunity rather than a reason to feel sad.

 Think about ways you can embrace autumn. Shorter, cooler days mean more time indoors, so why not do a little fall cleaning and organizing (I call it nesting) and make your home more organized and comfortable.  Turn it into a place you want to spend time in! 

 Start by tackling your kitchen—clean out the cabinets and check expiration dates. Find a few recipes that make you feel excited about the season—maybe a yummy soup (check out my Instagram for ideas) or an apple dessert. Grab that cozy blanket from the closet and choose a chair to drape it on. Frame a few of your favorite summer photos and spread them around for instant happy memories. 

 Technique of the week: Enjoy the rest of the warm days but adopt a positive mindset for the inevitable change of seasons. Take charge of your surroundings and experiences in ways that make you happy! And remember, on those days that you desperately miss the sound of waves crashing on the shore, there’s an app for that :)


Linda Fears