Worry Less


Everyone worries. It’s part of our nature. In fact, if we didn't worry, we wouldn't be able to anticipate and prepare for the inevitable challenges that life brings.

However, it is possible (and unfortunately quite common) to worry too much—and for some people, that worst-case-scenario mindset can become overwhelming, causing anxiety and depression.  

The good news is that according to a recent study out of Penn State University, most of what we tend to worry about never actually happens. The researchers found that 91% percent of the participants’ worries didn’t come true—and for the handful of negative predictions that did happen, the outcomes were better than expected!

Technique of the week: Although we can’t completely eliminate worrying, we can, with practice, be more conscious of it so it doesn’t become round-the-clock debilitating. Try this: Assign a time of day to be your “worry time.” Let’s say it’s 3pm. Then do your best to avoid worrying about anything until 3—and maybe by then you’ll realize that that concern really isn’t that important!




Linda Fears