Make A Lot of Love

Making love connections doesn’t always mean having a physical, sexual encounter with another person. We can experience micro moments of love with people we know as well as with complete strangers!

Neuroscientists have been studying mirror neurons and their effect on human behavior for years. Mirror neuron interactions can best be explained when one person observes another’s behavior and mimics it (unconsciously) both in feeling and action.

When you see someone smile, you naturally have the urge to smile back. When you watch someone’s eyes fill up with tears, your own eyes become watery.

Our bodies react positively to these moments and oxytocin is released in the bloodstream. This chemical release boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the connection between your brain and heart, which not only makes you happier, but healthier too!

So, go ahead and make a lot of love seeking out sincere, meaningful interactions throughout your day.