One Marshmallow or Two?

Look at the big picture and past the desire for immediate satisfaction in order to make better decisions.

We are wired to want instant gratification. Whether it is with food, relationships, or even a text response, we want things now!

Renowned psychologist, Walter Mischel, examined self-control conducting the marshmallow test in the early sixties, in which a child is presented with a marshmallow and given a choice: eat one now, or wait and get two later.

He studied the results for decades and discovered that delaying gratification is critical for success. Children who waited to enjoy two marshmallows tested higher on SAT scores, had better social and cognitive functioning, lived healthier lifestyles and had a greater sense of self-worth.

Self-control can be learned at any stage in life.

Use the “if, then” method to help you. For example, if I eat the broccoli instead of the fries, then my jeans will fit better. Or, if I don’t go to the mall, then I will avoid the shoe department and not spend money.

Remember, think of the consequences of your actions. One marshmallow or two?