BBS™️ To The Rescue

We are often caught up in our thoughts. The average person has over 50 thousand thoughts per day. Would you believe that the majority of them are negative? You can turn that negativity around using my BBS Method™. Connecting to your breath, your body and the sounds around you (without judgment) can make all the difference in your day.

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The BBS Method™ is like a tool you have in your pocket to use at any time, anywhere, in any moment.

  • First, become aware of your breath (as it is). Notice if it’s fast or slow.
  • Next, feel the sensations in your body. Are you comfortable? Feeling any pain? Maybe you feel a breeze on your skin. Just notice, no judgments. If you are sitting, feel your butt in the chair and feet on the floor.
  • Finally, focus on the sounds around you just as they are. Whether you hear birds or sirens, no judgment. This awareness helps you to get out of your head and embrace the present moment.
Melissa Garson