Embrace Your Alone Time

Being alone does not mean being lonely. Many people think that they need to be with others in order to have fun. Learn to have a good time just by being in your own company!

Whatever the reason is that you find yourself alone (a quiet day, a break up, a divorce, or even the end of a friendship), stop and relish this special time.

Believing that being with another person will make you feel whole actually diminishes your self-confidence. I'm not saying that connection isn’t important to our well-being; actually, relationships are by far one of the best predictors of one’s happiness. However, embracing one's own company can be both empowering and liberating!

Do things you like to do. Go for a long, carefree walk in nature, pick up a book you've been meaning to read, take yourself to the movies.

This week, consciously find your balance of being alone and with others. Appreciate it all!

Melissa Garson