Self-Care Not Deprivation

What we eat affects not only our waistline, but our mood as well. With fun food and drinks at holiday parties, office events and family functions, it is especially difficult to make healthy choices. 

Take care of your body and mind by creating a plan. Don’t deprive yourself, but keep your healthy lifestyle in mind or make a change and begin today. Be more aware of your consumption and the effect it will have on you physically and mentally. Research has shown that gut health is directly connected to emotional well-being.

Self-discipline can make all the difference in your success to stay healthy. Savoring a small taste is great, but allowing it to lead to binging can begin a downward spiral.

It is a choice. You choose. Decide to strengthen your discipline muscle. Make sure that your body is getting the nutritious fuel it needs.

Setting limits is a healthy way to enjoy the holidays and keep yourself in check. When you are mindful and in control of what you put in your body you can enjoy the holidays even more!

Melissa Garson