Deserving of Dignity

Human beings are more alike than we are different. Yes, there are disparities in education, financial stability, upbringing, etc., but we should all be treated with the same dignity. 
People who acquire fame and fortune sometimes develop huge egos that make them to feel superior to others. They often believe they have the “right” to say and do as they please. Some even have the gall to be vulgar and inappropriate and tend to use their power to dominate people they see as being beneath them. 

Whether man or woman, we ALL need to hold ourselves in high regard and not allow ourselves to be bullied or mistreated in any situation. It's not always easy. We may want to advance our careers, make more money to take care of our families, or just avoid conflict. At times, we stay silent when we are mistreated or abused in some way, but at what cost? 

We need to thwart the allowance of this disgusting behavior. Empower yourself and do not be bullied! Speak up when you are disrespected. Teach this to your children and those you care for. Do not allow yourself to be mistreated by ANYONE. You are worthy and respectable and deserve to be treated so!

Melissa Garson