Renew Yourself

Motivational Monday Spring 2018

Spring begins tomorrow (even though it may not feel like it)! We think of spring as the season of growth and new beginnings. . .which makes it the perfect time to reenergize your soul. 

What have you been longing to learn—to be a better cook? Get in shape for a 10k? Take great photos by figuring out how to use those apps on your phone? Whatever it is, stop wishing for it. Do it!

There’s a lot of science behind the benefits of identifying new passions—and ultimately accomplishing them. When you learn something new in one area of your life, it can boost your confidence and motivation and create a positive snowball effect in other areas of your life too! If you take up a creative hobby, studies show it can also improve your performance at work:

Technique of the week: Make a list of all the things you’ve always wanted to learn about or be better at doing. Write them down. Pick one as your spring goal. Determine the first step necessary to obtaining it. Get out your calendar and schedule in that first step! Then the second step, and then the next one and the next one. Stick to your plan. Stop wishing. Take that first step. Commit to being a lifelong learner!

Melissa Garson