Get in the Zone


It’s so beneficial to do something every day that allows you to lose yourself and get out of your head. I had a client last winter who went on a ski trip and told me how much she loved the feeling of being out in nature and completely focused on her skiing. She said it wasn’t just the fact that she was away, but that her mind felt totally at peace while skiing! She wanted to find a way to recreate that amazing feeling in her daily life back in NYC.

Research has shown that flow, or what athletes call the zone, is like a form of meditation. If you give your full attention to whatever you’re doing—whether it’s playing tennis, cooking a meal, or riding a bike—that undivided attention is equivalent to giving your brain a little vacation from daily distractions. Just make sure the activity is challenging enough that you need to concentrate, but comfortable enough that you aren’t struggling.

This week’s technique: Find something to do every day that gets you into “the zone.”  It can be physical exercise, or something crafty or artistic, or just losing yourself dancing to your favorite songs. Allow yourself to really focus on that one thing, clear your head, and have fun!!!    

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Melissa Garson