Be Of Service To Others


Today we honor the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our country and reflect on how incredibly brave and selfless they were. I am so grateful for those who serve in the military, and while it’s not an option for everyone, there are plenty of ways to be of service to others.

I have consistently found that when my clients discover ways to help others, it gives them a genuine sense of purpose. It helps them take the focus off of themselves and get out of their own heads. One client decided to volunteer teaching underprivileged kids to read. Another loved animals so much that she offered to babysit her friends’ pets when they were away. There are so many opportunities to share what you love to do—and doing so makes life so much more meaningful and rewarding.

Technique of the week: Make a list of all the things you enjoy or excel at and figure out a way to share at least one of them with others to make their lives easier. This will be so fulfilling for you, and so appreciated by others—a win-win!

Melissa Garson