The Path To Happiness


Years ago, I came across the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote “Life is a journey, not a destination” and loved it—the meaning had (and still has) a profound effect on me.    

We often look at our lives and are disappointed that everything hasn’t gone as planned—that we didn’t achieve all the things we set out to do, traveled everywhere we wanted to go, completed everything we intended to finish. All that negativity builds and builds and makes us feel badly about ourselves.

But the truth is, every life experience is simply a stepping stone in our journey, and the key to inner peace and happiness is to enjoy the journey. This doesn’t mean giving up on dreams and goals, but recognizing and appreciating that everyday events and spending quality time with people you enjoy being with are essential to achieving balance and joy. And being positive, say experts, is a great motivator.

It’s possible to train your mind to think more positively. Start by looking at all of the things you have accomplished. Take stock of all that is going right in your life, right now. Appreciate that every experience adds to the richness of your life.

Technique of the Week: Write down three accomplishments from the last few years that you are proud of—such as taking care of a sick parent, getting your child settled in college or into an apartment, a new responsibility at work. Consciously hold on to these achievements in your mind, and when you start judging yourself, remember them and remind yourself that every experience is part of your journey.

Melissa Garson