Photo Inspiration

mel bar.jpg

Summer means vacation for many people, and that means lots and lots and lots of photos. Pictures of friends, family, scenery, selfies, even strangers. We tend to document everything to preserve memories of our trip. But…sometimes the best way to remember a great getaway is to recreate a fabulous part of it at home.

The other day I was looking through some old vacation photos and found one I took about 8 years ago during a trip to the coast of Italy. I remembered being in a beautiful little restaurant there and loving the simple display on the bar of pretty flowers, olives, chips and nuts in footed glass bowls! I took the picture because I wanted to create the same look at home.

I’ve recreated that Italian bar of snacks for friends many times. It’s such a happy memory of stopping in for a glass of rose on a very hot day in a gorgeous part of the world.

Technique of the week: Be thoughtful about your pictures. Look for inspiring ideas that you want to copy at home—a stunning garden, a fantastic appetizer, an original shelf display or tabletop décor. Create an album of those pics and turn to them when you need some inspiration!

Linda Fears