NEVER Say I "Can't"


I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but…in all the years I’ve been riding a bike, I’ve never pumped the tires myself. There was always someone around who did it for me—my kids, friends—so I never bothered to learn how (lame, I know). But the other day I wanted to go for a ride and my tires were mushy so…I decided to try and figure it out.

I looked at the pump, opened the cap on the tire and figured out how to attach the nozzle. It took a few tries but guess what? I did it—and then went on to fill up all the bikes in my garage!

It was a small victory but I felt empowered. It dawned on me how often I assume I can’t do things simply because I never tried them. I loved the feeling of doing something I thought I couldn’t. Without realizing it, mastering this task helped strengthen my self-efficacy (belief in my own abilities). According to the experts, the more you challenge yourself, the better able you are to achieve goals in life.

Technique of the week: The next time something comes up that you’ve never done before, tell yourself “I will try my best” (within reason of course—don’t hurt yourself!). Make it a NO judgement situation, practice self-efficacy and give it a try. It will be worth it!!!

Linda Fears